About Us

Activeline Ltd was founded in 2003 and has clients from Mauritius as well as from other countries. It developed its know-how in four fields of expertise:

  • Web services – Website and web applications design and development, Mobile apps development
  • Digital marketing – Creation and management of accounts on social networks, SEO, online advertising, email campaigns
  • Communication - Communication strategy and advice, Annual General Reports, Brochures, Newsletters and Prepress
  • BPO - Data capture and data processing, graphics, desktop publishing and prepress.

Activeline is part of the Services Arm of the Harel Mallac Group. The other companies in the Services Arm are Harel Mallac Aviation, Harel Mallac Travel and Leisure and Strafin Global Services Ltd.

The Harel Mallac Group was founded in 1830 and has been quoted on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius since 1991. It is a conglomerate of companies operating in various key sectors of the economy such as chemicals, ICT, engineering, BPO, tourism industry and retail sale. It is organized in 5 arms: Chemical Arm, Distribution Arm, Engineering Arm, Services Arm and Technology Arm. Each arm is headed by a Managing Director.

Staffed by professionals of the highest caliber, Activeline enables its valued customers to achieve and reinforce market dominance.

Vision Statement

To be the reference in technology services with our unique and innovative approach

Mission Statement

We identify, recommend and provide the most cost-effective services and solutions to meet or exceed our customer's expectations